Document Management

Paper, paper everywhere....

That's how it used to be.  Invoices, BOL's, expense sheets, driver certifications, copies of truck registrations.... so much paperwork, so little time to sort and store it.

Within the last 10-15 years, the push has been to go paperless.  Everything getting scanned and stored electronically, and CSI.Road has offered you the ability to scan and store images.

But we're doing more than that now.

Our new Document Management lets you:

Maintain documents in all of these formats (and more):
            Image (.bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .tif, .tiff)
            Power Point

Manage your documents from outside the office!
            Drivers can scan paperwork from anywhere and email it directly to an order.

Store invoices from your vendor right on the Vendor's file.

Store Driver paper work (driver's license, birth certification, medical permits) all right on the driver's file.

No more hunting for documents - they are right where you need them.

We'd love to show it to you.

Contact us.

MyRig - Mobile Android App

Did anyone mention to you that we have an Android app for drivers?

No?  Well here is some of what it does:

  • A driver can receive loads from dispatch with the addresses for pick-ups, deliveries, what they are hauling (with quantities)
  • Will report GPS locations
  • Allows messaging back and forth between dispatch & driver
  • Has picture and signature capture
  • Gives the driver the ability to perform their truck inspection
  • Allows a drive to enter trip expenses and send back pictures of receipts

And you can see a video of it here:

MyRig - Watch The Video!

What's New?

Hi there everyone.

Something new - I am going to start adding a section to our blog on a (hopefully!!!) regular basis.  I plan on including announcements on new features, but also some explanation on what they do and why you should even be interested in them.

There is lots of stuff happening here at CSI right now, and I am going to try and keep this blog up to date and share with everyone!

Moore's Law was based on computer hardware, but I think it applies with software too - it's our job to keep ahead of the curve.
OK - too much of a 'techie' reference?  I'll try better.... maybe Groucho Marx next time.

Watch for announcements coming soon!

Jason Worden